I-BFM Detailed Programme

Saturday, May 19

10.30 - 12.30, Fennia I
P. Shaw, K. Vettenranta
The NOPHO 2008 ALL Cohort
Ifversen (Denmark)
The ALL SCT FORUM Study: an update
Peters (Austria)
FORUM Ancillary studies: an update
Ansari (Switzerland) / Lankester (The Netherlands)
BU-genes: a proposal
Ansari (Switzerland)
Impact of serotherapy PK in optimizing transplantation outcome
Lankester (The Netherlands)
Treosulfan modeling: the first 100 patient cohort
Lankester (The Netherlands)
Busulphan dose and VOD with BuFluTT Chemotherapy
Shaw (Australia)
Lunch supported by Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Jazz Pharmaceuticals Symposium
Management of asparaginase acute toxic effects in childhood ALL: a case-based approach
12.45 - 13.45, Europaea
Prof. Biondi
    Welcome and introductions
Prof Andrea Biondi (Italy)
    Ponte di Legno Toxicity Working Group Publication
Prof Kjeld Schmiegelow (Denmark)
    Case Study 1: Pancreatitis
Dr Andishe Attarbaschi (Austria)
    Case Study 2: Thromboembolism
Prof Yves Bertrand (France)
    Case Study 3: Hypersensitivity
Prof Carmelo Rizzari (Italy)
    Audience Q&A Session
29th I-BFM SG Opening
14.00 - 14.20, Europaea
Andrea Biondi
ALL Committee
Results of recent trials / Maintenance therapy
14.20 - 16.00, Europaea
M. Loh, V. Conter
  14.20 AIEOP-BFM 2009
  14.40 NOPHO 2008
  15.00 UKALL 2011
  15.15 COG 0434
  15.30 NUDT15 and MP dosing
Kato (Japan)
15.45 DCOG IKZF1and duration of maintenance therapy
14.20 - 16.00, Fennia I
M. Ifversen, P. Sedlacek
    CML SCT Protocol: an update
AB on behalf of Matthes-Martin (Austria)
    Relapsed / Refractory NHL: the role of SCT
Burkhardt (Germany)
    GVHD Biomarkers: the ABLE Study
Schultz (Canada)
    Post-SCT TPO receptor agonists: what’s going on
Yanir (Israel)
    The post-CY haplo experience in Kyiv
Bazaluk (Ukraine)
  Update on the Chilean transplant program
Palma (Chile)
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD) - Part 1
14.20 - 16.00, Fennia II
A. Attarbaschi, S. Bomken
PTLD after cardiac transplantation - single center experience from Goteborg
Karin Mellgren
  14.40 PTLD after cardiac transplantation for congenital heart disease - single center  data from Newcastle
Chris Bacon
  15.00 PTLD after liver transplantation - the Hong-Kong experience
Alan Chiang
  15.20 PTLD of GI tract after liver and kidney transplantation - single center experience from London
Mary Taj, Rebecca Ling
15.40 Unusual clinical course of two pediatric patients with PLTD after organ transplantation
Jan Loeffen
AML + New Agents
14.20 - 16.00, Nordia
H. Hasle, M. Zwaan
    FLT3 inhibitor studies
  • PKC412 study I newly diagnosed AML
    Dirk Reinhardt (Essen, Germany) / Franco Locatelli (Rome, Italy)
  • AC220 study in relapse
    Michel Zwaan (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Gilteritinib and update on sorafenib
    Todd Cooper (Seattle, USA)
    Flotetuzumab: phase I pland and progress
Sarah Tasian (Philadelphia, USA)
    Strategic AML forum (EMA)
Michel Zwaan (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
    E-smart arm with AML drugs (enasidenib)
Michel Zwaan (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
    Molecular relapse AML study update and switch to IST
Henrik Hasle (Aarhus, Denmark) / Dirk Reinhardt (Essen, Germany)
    Mylotarg study: study update
Dirk Reinhardt (Essen, Germany)
  AML CD33CART cell development
Sarah Tasian (Philadelphia, USA)
B&D Committee I
B-other-ALL and detection methods
14.20 - 16.00, Nautica
C. Harrison, O. Haas
    iBFM consensus on screening for new subgroups
Christine Harrison (Newcastle, UK)
    Comparison of RNA-Seq with karyotyping, FISH and RT-PCR in >100 patients with preB-ALL
Gudrun Göhring (Hannover, Germany)
    New lessons learnt from array-CGH in B-other ALL
Doris Steinemann (Hannover, Germany)
    Masked hypodiploidy and uniparental disomy in pediatric precursor B-ALL
Doris Steinemann / Maximillian Schieck (Hannover, Germany)
    Detection of DUX4-positive leukemia: The Austrian experience
Sabine Strehl (Vienna, Austria)
    The myeloid and stem cell marker VNN2 flags a B-other subgroup enriched for mutations in epigenetic regulators
Beat Borhauser (Zurich, Switzerland)
  New ALL subtypes
Kathryn Roberts, St Jud (s, USA)
14.20 - 16.00, Press Room
P. De Lorenzo
Handling toxicity data in the presence of competing risks
Laura Antolini (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
Beyond intention to treat: can we use individual received dose-intensity to better understand the effect of chemotherapy on survival? A case-study from a randomized clinical trial (MRC BO06) on osteosarcoma
Marta Fiocco (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
  15.10 Impact of reduced relative dose intensity on outcome in children diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia
Akiko Saito (JPLSG data center - Nagoya Medical Center, Japan)
  15.30 Data security: the EUPID pseudonymization service promoted by SIOPe and its interface with MARVIN databases
Martin Zimmermann (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany)
Manage your trial by visualising data
Jan Liverest (DCOG Trial and Data Center, The Netherlands)
16.30 - 18.00, Europaea
A. Vora, P. De Lorenzo, E. Bardi
Safety data collection and analysis
  • State of the art of the Ponte di Legno project on toxicity
    K. Schmiegelow
  • Collection and use of toxicity data as trial endpoint
    M. Heyman
  • Toxicity data analysis in the presence of competing risks
    M. G. Valsecchi
    Issues in treatment related toxicity
  • Current situation of supportive care for asparaginase-induced hemostatic alterations in Japan – Japanese nationwide survey
    S. Osone
  • Second malignancies after treatment of ALL
    M. Stanulla
16.30 - 18.00, Fennia I
B. Gibson, H. Hasle
Update on SCT in MDS
Niemeyer (Germany)
Which are the burning problems in transplantation for pediatric AML and which are the data behind them
Martin Sauer (Hannover, Germany)
    BuCyMel versus BuFluClo a phase II randomized NOPHO study in AML: a proposal for discussion
Dominik Turkiewicz (Lund, Sweden)
    AML-SCT: a proposal for an EUROPEAN prospective randomized trial
Dirk Reinhardt (Essen, Germany) / Franco Locatelli (Rome, Italy)
  SCT in AML: a roundtable
Hasle, Gibson, Locatelli, Sauer
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD) - Part 2 and SCT in r/r NHL
16.30 - 18.00, Fennia II
A. Attarbaschi, J. Loeffen
PTLD after lung transplantation - single center experience from Budapest
Monika Csoka
PTLD - the Dutch experience
Jan Loeffen
  17.10 PTLD after kidney transplantation - single center experience from Belgrade
Jelena Lazic
  17.30 Discussion about potential retrospective and prospective i-BFM PTLD projects
17.40 Final results of our i-BFM project on SCT in r/r NHL
Birgit Burkhardt
ResDis + New Agents
16.30 - 18.00, Nordia
P. Hoogerbrugge, M. Zwaan
Update IntReALL relapsed-ALL trials
Arend von Stackelberg
R-215 Blinatumomab trial
Franco Locatelli, Gerhard Zugmaier
  17.05 Phase-1 Inotuzumab
Michel Zwaan
  17.20 Daratumumab & Isatuximab
Pat Brown
  17.40 Blina in TC3-HLF
17.50 An unexpected role for PTEN in glucocorticoid resistance in BCP-ALL
Frank van Leeuwen
B&D Committee II
Interesting genetic associations in T- and B-ALL
16.30 - 18.00, Nautica
S. Izraeli, J. Hauer
Recurrent SPI1 (PU.1) fusions in high-risk pediatic T-ALL
Shunsuke Kimura (Tokyo, Japan)
Evaluation of T-ALL subsets in Brazil (ETP vs non-ETP cases)
Maria Pombo-de-Oliveira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    Understanding the chromatin role of Ctnnb1/TCF1/LEF1 axis in the development of T Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Anna Bigas (IMIM, Barcelona, Spain)
    BCR/ABL positive ALL and PAX5 deletion - where is the mechanistic link between the two genomic lesions?
Julia Hauer, Düsseldorf, Germany
  CRLF2/IL7R/JAK-STAT ALLs new insights and challenges
Shai Izraeli (Schneider Children's Medical Center and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel)
16.30 - 18.00, Press Room
M. Suttorp
Advanced phases in Pediatric CML and suggested treatment recommendation
Frederic Millot (Poitiers, France)
Nilotinib in pediatric CML
Nobuko Hijiya (Chicago, USA)
  17.15 Germline polymorphism and mutations in pediatric CML
Markus Metzler (Erlangen, Germany)
  17.35 Impact of TKI blood trough levels in pediatric patients
Meinolf Suttorp, Dresden, Germany
  17.45 Kinase domain mutations: Beyond resistance
Thomas Lion (Vienna, Austria)

Sunday, May 20

New/Rare biological subgroups: clinical features and prognosis
8.30 - 10.00, Europea
C. Harrison, A. Manabe
Landscape of driver mutations and their clinical impacts in pediatric patients with B-progenitor acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Hiroo Ueno (Kyoto, Japan)
Risk score and an update of the iBFM CNA profile study
Anthony Moorman (Newcastle, UK)
IG-MYC: BCP-ALL or lymphoma
Lisa Russell (Newcastle, UK)
A new study on ambiguous lineage leukemia, iBFM AMBI2018
Ondrej Hrusak (Prague, Czech Republic)
DUX4 rearranged swALL has specific immunophenotypic profile. Identification of new diagnostic markers using RNAseq
Ester Mejstrikova (Prague, Czech Republic)
Update the genetic analysis of mixed phenotype acute leukemia and further proposal to expand its genomics and establish mouse models
Hiroto Inaba (St Jude’s, USA)
8.30 - 10.00, Fennia I
JH. Dalle, R. Meisel
KIR Genotyping study within the Int BFM ALL SCT 2007
Babor (Germany)
LTFU after SCT in AL: the metabolic syndrome within the L.E.A. cohort
Michél (France)
Osteonecrosis: what’s going on - Roundtable with Niinimäki, Finland
Bardi (Austria)
Low Incidence of Osteonecrosis in ALL-97 and ALL-02 Studies of the Japan Association of Childhood Leukemia Study Group
Imamura (Japan)
Radiological and clinical follow-up of cancer patients with osteonecrosis
Niinimäki (Finland)
Osteonecrosis: what’s going on - Balduzzi, Italy
Kuhlen (Germany) / Niinimäki (Finland) /  Bardi (Austria)
8.30 - 10.00, Nautica
H. Hasle
COG standard of care
Andy Kolb (Wilmington, DE, USA)
MRD and outcome
Jonas Abrahamsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Clinical Significance of Additional Cytogenetic Abnormalities in Children with APL
Oussama Abla (Toronto, Canada)
Results of the Rare APL variants study
Oussama Abla (Toronto, Canada)
RARB-positive AML, an update
Motohiro Kato (Tokyo, Japan)
Mutations of Wilms Tumor 1 gene in AML: Clinical consequences and mechanisms of function
Naghmeh Niktoreh (Essen, Germany)
NHL + New Agents
8.30 - 10.00, Press Room
M. Zwaan, A. Beishuizen
Pediatric NHL - what of new therapies do we have in our pipelines?
Jaroslav Sterba
New drugs in NHL - a promise for the future
Mary Taj
Inotuzumab Ozogamicin
Michel Zwaan
CRISP trial in ALCL
Auke Beishuizen
Daratumomab also for T-LBL
Pat Brown
10.30 - 12.30, Europaea
A. Vora, A. Balduzzi
Mutational landscape of pediatric ALL relapsing after SCT
Meisel (Germany)
Definition of relapse
Schrappe (Germany) / Hunger (USA)
Zwaan (The Netherlands)
Blinatumomab in TC3-HLF
Bourquin (Switzerland)
Debate: Should CAR-T be the strategy of choice for rising MRD post SCT? Pro & Contra
Ghorashian (UK) / Amrolia (UK) / Maude (USA) / Jacobi (Israel) / Locatelli (Italy) / Biondi (Italy)
10.30 - 12.30, Fennia I
C. Harrison, H. Hasle
Modelling the progression of a preleukemic stage to overt leukemia in children with Down syndrome
Jan-Henning Klusmann (Halle, Germany)
Targeted degradation of MLL-fusion proteins as a cure for infant leukaemia
Jasper de Boer (London, UK)
Update on Myechild01 Genetic Risk stratification
Christine Harrison (Newcastle, UK)
Increasing PB qPCR in AML always lead to molecular relapse
Kristian Løvvik Juul-Dam (Aarhus, Denmark)
Molecular relapse AML
Nils von Neuhoff (Essen, Germany)

Phosphoproteomics for relapse prediction in pediatric AML – a BFM pilot study
Michael Dworzak (Vienna, Austria)
10.30 - 12.30, Press Room
E. Bardi
An update of r the I-BFM host genetic variation task force
Kratz Christian
Overview of the COG cancer control and supportive care Committee - Focusing on the study results
Lilian Sung, Fisher Brian
Comparison of treatment results in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in adolescents and young adults treated according to two different therapeutic protocols in Poland - A retrospective analysis
Katarzyna Derwich
The cooperation between long term follow up clinics for young adults in Poland
Katarzyna Muszynska-Roslan
School problems and education in long term survivors of leukemia/lymphoma-new survey
Rouvla Farah
New program for survivors
Helen Kosmidis
Long term follow up childhood cancer survivors' diagnosed with acute leukemia, lymphoma or CNS tumor
Katarzyna Derwich
The efforts on young ault clinic work harmonation in Europe and about risk stratification
Thorsten Langer
Plenary Session
13.30 - 16.00, Europaea
Presentation of a little book for very young children with Leukemia
J.P. Bourquin
Committees Reports - Part I
Outreach Program
G.J. Kaspers
Committees Reports - Part II




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